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High starting point to build intelligent chemical factory

Release time :2017-10-10

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High starting point
Heavy money to build intelligent chemical plant

Mention textile printing and dyeing, we first thought of: busy workers, messy crowded workshop...... In dyeing workshop Xingming Dyeing & finishing company, the control room saw the two floor of the workshop, the workers press button, complete control of the whole production line; control room outside, clean and bright workshop only more than 10 workers work everything in good order and well arranged.

Dyeing workshop Xingming Dyeing & finishing completely changed people's impression of the traditional printing and dyeing enterprises, relying on the company by gathering relocation opportunity, with a high starting point, high input, high standards, the construction of intelligent textile dyeing and printing factory.

At the start of gathering the relocation plan, the company chairman Zhong Jianjun will turn challenges into opportunities, with 2 years of time has traveled to Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea and other international advanced printing and dyeing enterprises and the international market. With the future development trend and market forecast of the textile industry, printing and dyeing industry agglomeration district chose to abandon the traditional dyeing and finishing Xingming production concept, build a new intelligent factory, spent 200 million yuan heavily in the introduction of international advanced printing equipment and related software, such as Germany, Germany's new machine cylinder airflow dyeing machine, Italy dehydration machine, automatic production the automatic feeding system of proofing machines, and the German Sedo software, etc..

Now, with a English intelligent production flow chart, and intelligent production sketch map posted on the wall of the workshop Xingming dyeing and finishing, the intelligent factory infiltrated in all aspects. Intelligent printing and dyeing factory early Xingming dyeing, printing and dyeing has become intelligent manufacturing model, attracted thirty or forty domestic printing and dyeing enterprises come to visit the barracks".

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