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Shaoxing Xingming Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd. has always attached importance to the cultivation of talent, convinced that the outstanding staff is the fundamental development of all enterprises, respected positive, unity, competition and harmonious corporate culture. Adhere to the "integrity management, win-win lasting, advancing with the times, to create brand" business purposes, and strive to build innovative learning-oriented enterprises, establish industry benchmark. Company and Taiwan well-known training institutions to establish long-term training and cooperative relations, and long-term employment of Taiwan's senior teachers into the Division for 6S fine counseling.

Shaoxing Xingming Dyeing & Finishing Co., Ltd. has more than 290 employees, including 40 senior technical personnel and management personnel, and set up a strong R & D team to ensure that the products continue to introduce new products, provide good quality service, Customer satisfaction with the product, with a professional heart to do professional things, cast a long foundation.
The goal of the company after the next effort to become a first-class concept, first-class brand, first-class industry leader in printing and dyeing industry, combined with national green development plan, and actively explore new production models, pay attention to products, effective integration of upstream and downstream related industry chain, Attention to information technology, standardization and personnel construction.

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